“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing”

Digital Marketing

Creating website for your business is not something you should probabaly do but it is something you should do.

As a website is online storefront, without online presence your business is loosing competition. Atleast a simple website is better than no storefront,as it helps people to find you.

Good website is not just part of marketing strategy but also a business asset. Build good Quality website & Never comprimise on Quality.Our reliable webservices ensure exellent digital solution for your company. CDR Provide custom software engineering & full stack enginering solutions.

Nowadays all business have online precence, therefore it is more imortant to know the inner structure of website TO SEE WHETHER IT IS ACCOMPLISHING ITS PURPOSE OR NOT.

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Content Analysis

To gain attention & traffic a website is expected to provide High Quality Information. "Quality content is king of internet" Well picked contents bring +ve impression to any website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand.It is most popular digital analytic software which,

  • Analyze in depth details of customers who visits you sites
  • Shape success strategy for your business
  • What people do when they visit your website
  • How long do they stay
  • Which pages do they visit
  • Study the behaviour of your visitor to deliver better results

Online Marketing for B2B Business

CodeDoctor develop strategy for online marketing depending upon the products, identifying the market local or global. Go for global marketing whenever necessary. As Google is moving towards search results, special search stratiges for B2B customers have to be adopted considering following

  • Google keyword planner
  • High Quality landing pages
  • Utilising social media as marketing platform
  • Content marketing (publish piece of reports, whitepapers, guides with contents that will be usefull for your customers).
  • AMP analytics(accelerated mobile pages) will have top priorities for B2B marketers
  • Optimised site pages.
  • Excellent info graphics
  • Create online forums to answer questions that people asks
  • Google search console if necessary
Simple way to improve visibility in web is local business listing in Google. So create business profile & local business pages.

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Social Media Marketing.

Social media platforms and apps are widely used to promote products & services. By utilizing data analytics tools it enables company to track the progress, success & engagement of ad campigns. Social media changed Public relation & Customer communication for ever.
Social media integrate Marketing, Advertising and Public relation.
Peoples attention & time has shifted to online activities, increase in digital activities has increased a marketers ablity to collect consumer data. Special data processing tools are availabe to extract these massive amount of customer data. Above 60% of world population have access to internet, 40% of them are active social media users. Social media has become a mainstream place for marketing

"Nobody reads ads, People read what interests them, Sometimes it is an add" -- Howard Gossage

Forbes Global Survey entitled "Data Driven & Digital Savvy: The Rise of New Marketing Organization" found orgaizations that are leaders in data driven marketing are almost three times more likely to have increased revenues 55% vs 20% of laggard counterpads.

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What CDR do?

We integrate marketing, advertising, and publice relation with social media analyzing the following

  • Social Media Monitoring & Metrices
  • Online Data Collection & Analytics
  • Social Media Content Creation & Data Visualization
  • Social Content Scheduling & Automation
  • Social Media and digital Media Research
  • Trade Association, Awards & Conferences
  • Social Media News & Insights
  • Social Media & Content Marketing
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing Training
  • Social Media Channels